Tara Dorje Centre For Applied Shamanic Living
Tara Dorje Centre For Applied Shamanic Living
Hideaway Valley Spirit Lodge
Create a sustainable permaculture environmental preserve and caretaker village. Establish a sustainable permaculture village in harmony with the living planet.
Create living spaces for human tribe stewards and greenhouses for plant tribes.
Develop and implement ecological gardening practices that incorporate respect and dignity for each and every being in the ecosystem.

Land Purchase and Required Permits

Close land purchase. Secure land title, make downpayment and arrange automatic payments for monthly payments.

Assemble Caretaker Tribe

Assemble tribe of committed caretakers. Report all travel expense as part of project costs.

Immediate drinking water needs

water filtering solution and storage for drinking and cooking water.
Util there is a well we will also have to carry water.

Sustainable Water Systems

Price estimates for well digging and equipment. Estimate electricity needs for well pump to determine minimum site electrical needs when calculating power generation and storage requirements.

Off Grid Ecological Power Systems

Initial power generation system to support well operation and base camp communications equipment (mobile phones and computers).
Solar panels with storage battery systems sufficient to power the well.
Windmill and bicycle power generation systems.

Temporary Shelter

At least two family size tents for initial dwelling units while winter shelter is being built.
Tarps and rope to create a living space protected from weather.

Community Shelter

Build initial structure for first winter. Yurt style with simple deck to start. Add walls and roof before winter. Shelter should be large enough to house initial community, kitchen and food stores.

Composting Toilets


Monthly Food Supplies

Graywater reclamation systems.

Water from kitchen and bathing facilities will be diverted through a graywater reclamation system.


Sustainable low input permaculture gardening practices to support caretaker crew nutritional needs without disrupting the immediate ecosystem.
Establishment of buffer zones to harmonize the transition from caretaker dwelling space to gardens and to undeveloped local ecosystems.


Textiles Studio

Ceramics Studio

Audio Recording Studio