Tara Dorje Centre For Applied Shamanic Living
Tara Dorje Centre For Applied Shamanic Living
Focus Areas


Shamanic ways point toward a unity with all life and show how to exist in harmony with all beings.

Planetary Reiki

The energy grid of Gaia is itself sentient. The true purpose of Reiki is connection with the energy that is Gaia's mind to allow the human race to heal and re-enter the circle of life as a valued species.


All Gaian tribes are one and deserve dignity, regardless of species or lifeform.
To truly co-exist, all must be honored in every action.


This is true dharma. This is the way of all masters. There is no other truth.


Trusted aquisition of undeveloped land to stem the tides of human development.
All lands gained must have a covenant in the deed allowing a maximum of 10% development by permaculture caretakers with 90% untouched land dedicated to the local ecosystem.