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Welcome to the Tara Dorje Centre For Applied Shamanic Living Online Virtual Learning Centre.
Bienvenido a la Tara dorje centro de aplicarse chamánica que viven en línea virtual centro de aprendizaje.

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NEW STUDENT in the subject line.

Our Centre is entirely student developed and administered.
nuestro centro es totalmente estudiante desarrollado y administra.

 All of the work students do while taking a course becomes course content for future students.  
todos los trabajo estudiantes hacer mientras que tomar un curso se convierte en el contenido del curso para futuros estudiantes.

Our unique approach to knowledge heuristics allows us to fulfill the true mission of the university by creating a living body of knowledge and a space for the development of higher learning.
nuestro enfoque único para conocimiento heurística nos permite cumplir con el verdadero misión de la Universidad mediante la creación de un cuerpo vivo del conocimiento y un espacio para el desarrollo de educación superior.

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    Picture of Anthony Harper
    Getting Started
    by Anthony Harper - Friday, 16 September 2016, 3:18 PM
    Completely overwhelming concept to create the content for an online university

    everyone can create courses.
    take timw to get familiar with the system.
    make a test course to see how to build content
    work from an outline...
    you have an idea for a course, so create it and set up the category
    now it is easy to see how your course fits in with other offerings
    add an introduction paragraph to get your idea across....
    look at other courses for inspiration...